Friday, August 9, 2013

Seven QTs - Slinkies, Lollipops and more!

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa and our regularly scheduled program}

{While catching up on this blogpost}

Lee - You make me sound like a dictator
Me - You are
Lee - You have just as much interest in the grass, Chicky
Me - ...
Lee - Scam?
Me - ...
Lee - You are a nut!

--- 2 ---
{R prancing/dancing/ not quite running up and down the hallway}

R - Goggles!!! Gogles... Goggles!!!
Me - R, that is a slinky
R - Goggles? Goggles! Gogles!!!!!!

{Clearly we have some work to do in the identification department and yes E had her goggles but R had E's slinky}

--- 3 ---
{E while eating her treat from school}

E - Mama what color is my sucker
Me - {Immediate eye glare}
E - Lollipop! Lollipop... What color is it?

A. I CANNOT STAND sucker being used for lollipop. It makes me cringe EVERY SINGLE TIME. Don't know why but it does AND people/adults/kids refer to lollipops as suckers and I can deal with the insane Southern draw that the girls are getting but I am making it my missions to keep that word for that sugary treat OUT of their vocabulary. {No offense to people who use it either now... just saying}

B. Kinda drives me crazy that the girls {slash all the kids} get candy after school every day - if there was good behavior of course. I raised the bar a bit for E and if she goes to timeout at all she is not supposed to get candy - the school rule is 3 trips to timeout. But anyway, AND E must eat her lunch - fruit included to actually get to pick a piece of candy? Am I being too militant? Nah... Not a bit!

--- 4 ---
Which leads to this gem...

{While eating pita and Tummus for lunch}

E - But Mama I can-NOT eat it
Me - That's fine you just do not get your treat
E - But Mama it does not have good flavors!!!

Right... Hand her the pepper grinder. Pretend to shake the salt over it and hold firm on the no treat... Pita and tummus = G-O-N-E

--- 5 ---

{While we are I am rushing to get their shoes on and bags loaded and alarm set and out the door}

Pretend its not happening and it will go away... NOT!
E - How does the baby come out of your tummy?
Me - Ummm.... get your umbrella
E - Mama how does the baby come out of your tummy?
Me - .... {Errrr pretend she is not asking this question and maybe she'll drop it}
E - How does the baby come out of your tummy?
Me - Not easily, E.
E - Oh, not easily? Baby comes out not easily R...

--- 6 ---
So for any of you who were semi-interested in our trip to Church on Tuesday for the Transfiguration... during the witching hour nonetheless... We made. How? 

A. We got there early - duh... Lee/FDJ - whatever... has to be there early to help prep things for Liturgy. 
B. We sat outside before and ate graham crackers and bananas and filled tummies with milk - don't be scandalized they are just kids. We even shared a few graham crackers with a friend whose parents also braved the witching hour
C - I went in with INSANELY low expectations. Why? I asked Lee if he could help with the girls during the vespers part... Negative ghostwriter {awesome!} AND he gave the homily which means no set of arms there {grrr... but he kept it short and to the point and I think I even heard most of it} 
D - I took a laisse-faire approach... mostly. E was contained mostly to our chairs and she sat and occasionally sang {because that's good church behavior on any day of the week. If she got distracted or 'needed' something from the back I just let it go. R was shoe and sockless within 5 minutes of the start of vespers. I had to scoot the dead cockroach out of her grasp and tried to ignore the fact that it along with all the our dirt-tell-lees on the floor were lurking. R walked around and crawled and was mostly contained to the back part of church and was for the most part quiet. The only things that did not fly were screaming and distractive walking in front of the iconostasis {don't know what I'm talking about? click here for a pic that is not actually our church but you get the point or here for a description}. 

When it was all said and done it was one of the less stressful church experiences I have had in a while. There was behavior I was not crazy about and would like to 'nip in the bud' on Sundays BUT for a holy day at witching hour Liturgy, no bad people. Not bad. 

So then there is dinner... {Eye roll} Being an hour from home does have its drawbacks and getting out at 6:45 pm and having no access to the church hall due to a scheduled function is a bummer. We tried Jimmy Johns back in June, Lee was less than impressed. Panera is right up the road so we were off to the races... Then thanks to my handy-dandy I'm-smarter-than-you phone we discovered there is a Jasons Deli just as close! If you have not been to Jason's you are missing out! There salad bar is pretty darn great and their sandwiches are super tasty. Well I won't bore you with the details of dinner but it was not an embarrassing "Let's get out of here experience", E only patronized the potties twice {gag!}, and they have free ice cream. 

R was way skeptical at first and I literally had to open her mouth to get her to try the ice cream but then she was sold!

I love endings like that to situations that totally stress me out before they happen.

Oh and the 1 hr long car ride home was a noisy, I'm-on-a-sugar-high one BUT the girls earned it.

--- 7 ---

I have been pondering posts to make in the next few weeks. I have a few cooking.

++ Monthly recaps starting from who knows when (mainly because I love looking back on them and when I don't post them I cannot do that)
++ 30 things, 3 years post (Kate did one and I kind of like being accountable to a list)
++ Name that 3 yr old soccer team (E already has her mind made up but technically I have total veto power IF I help coach - note: NOT COACH... not trying to have a baby out on the soccer field)

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