Thursday, August 1, 2013

p,h,f,r - The Results are in...

round button chicken


Pretty darn excited about Lee's birthday date night. If the rain holds off we might even make it to a baseball game. If not, we'll probably continue our discussion of a book that I am reading (gasp!) and really into. It is not often he and I can discuss things that we're reading because A. he reads stuff that is miles over my head and B. I read so very little - it is kind of disgusting. BUT with this book I have a new-found topic of interest and have 2 books lined up to read after this!


We got a call last night from some friends, who happened to be the witnesses at our wedding, asking us to be the godparents for baby numero 6! Who was born about two weeks ago. In order to squeak in a trip before the 30 week mark we {frantically} scrambled to get tickets and coverage of the girls. My vote was to take them and Lee's vote was a "Oh no, no, no, no, no" so you can guess who won out - only because Jibbe is overly brave/helpful/great and volunteered to watch both! So pics from the bon voyage to St. Louis will be forthcoming.


The Keep Calm and Latch on shirts came in the other day. And they are adorable. But seriously I looked at them (both 0-3 months) and thought to myself 'these things are tiny! there has got to be a mistake'. And then it dawned on me just how tiny all the newborn clothes are. I think I got a "Hello Mom, get-with-the-program kick" from the baby after that one - which I totally deserved : )


Real? How about real-ly?!?!?! Okay so the glucose test which I made a massive deal about with my dr and he conceded to give me the cocktail to drink an hour before coming. Tuesday was D-day for the test and I followed the rules and did not cheat (by not drinking the whole thing or anything like that). Well Tuesday afternoon. No call. Wednesday... No call. Thursday 1 pm... I think I started the by answering the phone "We are not really having this conversation, right"... WRONG. Failed that 1 hr test for the THIRD TIME! So its off to the 3 hr job. The nurse must have felt bad for me because I asked that it be in two weeks - when my next appt is so I am not driving to Wil-town three weeks in a row. It's a darn good thing I like my dr and trust him because seriously? Seriously? I have been dubbed his 'delinquent patient' since I was sipping coffee through my post glucose test appt. I guess the binge on M&Ms and Reeses Pieces better end. Lee is going to have to hide all the chocolate sweets on me.

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