Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - 14 hours in St. Louis

Well we made it from the Mount to St. Louis and back to the Mount in a mere 27 hours. We were sans kids thanks to Jibbe - well we were sans our kids. Our friends have six kids so there many kids around. No problems on the flights. Everything at the church went well. Our godson was a master at going through diapers... I think his mama had one left BEFORE he had been baptized! After S screamed through a good part of the baptism, he was super tired from his sacrament filled evening and slept the rest of the Liturgy and reception. We had a great time seeing our friends, we were fortunate to be chauffeured around St. Louis, and we are glad to be back. 

S about to be baptized!

Bringing him into church

Checking out the candle

First time communicant 

Family + Priest + Godparents

Godmother + The Godfather + Priest

Kinda makes me very excited about baby number #3 coming. All of S's brothers and sisters were SO SO SO excited and I am excited to see the girls with their new sibling

Ni Hao Yall

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