Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reentry, ear infections and a 10 ft puzzle

That pretty much sums up the day.

Getting back to the grind was hard. We were only 13 min late leaving. E only though since R was sick so Papa was on daddy daycare duty.

E dressed herself complete with blue polka dot bow, purple outfit, and orange shoes. All Christmas presents and I was so late I could not really argue. Oh well pick your battles right?

At work it's lied to the dr office and left it that if R got worse I would bring her in. Well I get home and bam! Over snuggly baby with super watery eyes and a high fever. I admit I would prefer not going to the dr but this was necessary. Pitiful little baby!

Off to see the dr and not to long after diagnosis = ear infection. Some cousins have had horrible ear infections, tubes , the works. Hopefully R will not follow in those footsteps.

E finished another puzzle all by herself - well with Abby too. It is a 10 ft ABC puzzle.

I think I need to find a large piece 75 or 100 piece puzzle so she does not get bored

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