Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seven Quick Takes - Friday edition

--- 1 ---
Well my Friday definitely did not go as planned... Take the girls to MMO, come home for lunch, work a bit, go to Office Depot and get organized for my trip, eat dinner etc etc. Needless to say that did not happen
--- 2 ---
When I dropped the girls off - well even before that R was acting like herself. Did not eat a good breakfast was a bit crabby. I thought to myself I bet I am going to have to go pick them up early. Well not more than 15 minutes later, ring ring -
--- 3 ---
As it turns out the girls were okay. The school called to let me know that if there is enough interest next year that there will be a 5 day 3 yr old class. Sweet! Now I am not a crazy get-your-kid-educated-all-the-time mama. No no... BUT E prefers going to her 2 yr old class over MMO. She is so very excited about going to 2 yr old class and MMO is not as structured as class- which is why I think she likes it more. So hopefully there are a few other parents are going through the same thing so we can get this class on the books!
--- 4 ---
Less than two hours later... ring ring... Ugh this time I know... but I am in a meeting -that just started!!! Fortunately it is only about 10 minutes long and a call back and rush over to get the girls. Nothing major just a little fever. I am thinking tooth because R is not showing any other symptoms... Could be the ear infection flaring back up...
--- 5 ---
Ring ring... Call to find out where Papa is. Sweet he is at home. Get R snuggled up and medicine in her. Get lunch ready for E and me - Papa does not like black beans ; )
--- 6 ---
Rush back to work so I can finish everything for my trip. Don't get everything done but significantly more than I expected. I am going to be working through the weekend trying to get this stuff done. Waiting for DHL... hello it is 4:30 in the afternoon - trying not to freak out - finally my docs get in so I can drop them off for FedEx and procure dinner.
--- 7 ---
Ordered the pizza, go to Hallmark - I am so addicted to this store it is kind of a problem - got the bday card I needed and this Jim Shore Nativity Angel music box that plays Silent Night. I have had my eye on it since Thanksgiving. So the angels arms are slight broken need to repaired with some super glue but seriously I really liked it and got it for 75% off. E loves listening to the music so I think it was a good addition to our Christmas decor.

Maybe next Friday will be a little more normal

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