Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Schedule for a Successful Day

I know its detailed but the timing I am convinced was crucial. I had time to myself, was prepared for my girls and nearly had dinner on the table by the time Papa walked in the door! (in case you cannot tell I am pretty darn proud/happy/not-stressed : )

5:30-6:30 - Work on R's stocking
6:30-6:35 - Running the stairs
6:35-7:00 - Shower / get coffee / dress
7:00-7:30 - E&R up and eat breakfast / get backpack and bags and snacks and cups ready
7:30-7:50 - Dress/teeth/hair for the girls / schedule last minute play date
7:50-8:00 - Pray
8:00-8:10 - Coats/shoes/get in the care
8:10-8:27 - Drive to school
8:27-8:37 - Drop off E
8:37-8:45 - Drive to Swimworld
8:45-11:50 - Work... unsuccessfully try and find error on bank statement / R nap
11:50-12:00 - Pick up E
12:00-12:15 - Get cheapest gas in town / get home
12:15-1:00 - Lunch for the girls / maintain clean kitchen!
1:00 - E to nap because early playdate
1:00-1:30 - Play with R
1:30 - R to nap
1:30-3:00 - wrap presents for the play date etc etc / find a 3 yr old soccer league for E to play in this spring
3:00-4:45 - playdate with friends who we have not seen in FOREVER! - make plans to meet again soon
4:45-5:15 - Avoid afternoon sugar crash with snacks for the girls
5:15-5:35 - put (frozen) chicken cordon bleu in the oven / peas in the stove /garlic butter for bread
5:35-6:00 - eat with Papa 
6:00-6:20 - another R potty success (Lee thinks I am insane) / get R ready for bed /read
6:20-7:10 - E gets ready for bed / wrap up playing / read
7:10 - Kiddos in bed
7:45 - Snuggle with E and get her water for her leg
8:30 - force myself to write down the greatness / low stress for the day

Okay so this list was more for me than anyone but A Mother's Rule for Life encourages a very thought out daily schedule. I think that today was so successful because I was ready for the kids at 7 and E was done eating at 7:30. We were not in a massive rush to get dress and brush teeth and comb hair and rush upstairs to pray - like we are when she finishes at 7:45. That way if she laligags while we pray I'm not freaking out about the time.

Playdate - who does not want a playdate! Seriously we are making these things a habit! We were totally on the same mom wavelength today

We got to school early??? Shocking I know. It opens at 8:30 - we were not the first ones in the class but getting into the parking lot early this morning felt sooooo great

Got to work by 8:45. Shocking. Enough said.

Got cheap gas so that I am not driving with my gas light on all week as I hunt around for cheap gas - superb. A new Sheetz opened and gas everywhere else is in the 3.38-3.46 range but good old Sheetz (and the way less crowded one across the street) 3.19. That is a .20/gal savings or about $4 on the near empty fill up. 

Found that good old NC (not the state... the county people the county) has 3 yr old soccer in the Spring and E is a few weeks short of being 3. I emailed the director and he said go ahead. Basically I think it will be good to get out of the house one day a week in the afternoon because now I have the 'its too cold excuse' and I play that card often... I coached 3/4 yr old soccer in CH and it was pretty stinking hilarious walking the cloud of kids swarm around the ball. 

Dinner prep? I think the world was supposed to end on 12/21... I know right. Lee got these surprisingly tasty frozen chicken cordon bleus from Sams. Super easy.... I need easy. I was so daring I even cracked open a can of very young peas, mushrooms and onions and got the garlic chopped for the garlic bread. 

I am a rockstar... What do you do to de-stress or keep your day low stress?

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