Friday, January 4, 2013

Seven Quick Takes...

--- 1 ---
E - Can I put my sticker on the ceiling (of the van)
Me - No Papa would not like that
E - Why?
Me - Papa does not want the van junked up
E - Why?
Me - Because he is the Papa
E - No he is not the Papa.... He is the man!
--- 2 ---
R is saying Mama, Papa, Nini, Nigh-night, I think she got out a Hi at the office.
--- 3 ---
I think R is the most patient little sister. Seriously E can take just about anything (except her cup) and R is perfectly content with the highway robbery - though I try to head it off as much as possible
--- 4 ---
Since when as washing hands become a point of controversy? Seriously??? E had two small meltdowns and one good WHY argument today about washing hands... Washing hands is not optional!!!
--- 5 ---
FDJ and I have been discussing that Lent is a hot minute away! Well maybe a more like a month. Which means R's bday is about a month away! Say what?!?!?! A. Kinda excited about the fast for Lent because I did not do it last Lent. B. R is going to be one??? Hello!  That is insane
--- 6 ---
Jan 6 we do stockings here so I have to get those filled up. I have candy and puffs and icon cards and I got R an icon magnet and E a book for church, ornaments, I think all I am missing is a little something for Papa and maybe some toothpaste or something and maybe some bubbles for the girls!
--- 7 ---
Talked to a great friend today for a second - seriously wish she was my next door neighbor - well I wish that for all my friends. Anyway trying to 'set aside all earthly cares' which is much easier said/sung/prayed than done. I think that will be my focus daily. 

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