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Merry Christmas - Our Christmas in Pics Recap

Here's a recap of our ABC Christmas of 2012. 

To kick things off we went to church Christmas eve. The girls did surprisingly well but I cannot say I will be bringing a stroller into Liturgy any time soon. We had the traditional meal after liturgy which was great. And we sang my favorite song about King Wences. 

Then we headed back to our Hurricane Kibbe homebase - aka Grammy and Grandpa Joe's house. We headed to bed pretty soon after. Papa had to bolt out to Matins and Liturgy first thing Christmas Day and little R was awoken by the bathroom light so she was up at 5:30 and daring not to risk waking up E I brought downstairs and she got a sneak peak of the goodies under the tree!

She even took a pass at the girls big present from us but was not interested. 7:30 was rolling around R was a zombie and E was asleep so we got her out of bed so the girls could unwrap their present - it was important for me to have E and R 'unwrap' it because I did not was E to have possession issues - Its mine - problems have been popping up.

E is kind of confused so Uncle Kevin and Grady assist.

Grandpa Joe found his Christmas present on the porch!

Waiting for breakfast bake and coffee cake. Oh I should mention 2 breakfast bakes which both were - amazing! I have to say this Christmas the food was pretty darn good.

E went around saying 'Hot Stuff' just like Grammy does. It was really cute!

E was getting increasingly impatient waiting for Papa's arrival so enter Uncle Kevin for airplane distractions

I tried not to watch or be that helicopter mom... but when your daughter is an airplane it is kinda hard not to.

Making everyone Christmas cookies

Obligatory sisters pic in matching pajamas - of course. Thank you Hanna Andersson

Choke holding / loving
R was way into the paper this year - which was just hilarious. E wanted to open everything and when she realized that there was not an endless pile of presents under the tree she was kind of disappointed but was a good helper for those adults who needed it : )

Let's get this party started!

Glow in the dark pillow!

Paper is soooooo exciting!!!

Grammy and E

Trying to get R to focus on unwrapping and not just the paper

E's unwrapping remnants 

Helping Grammy 

Find that baby!!


Okay so I mentioned that the food this Christmas was fantastic! We had lamb at my mom and dad's - which is just so good - and yes I know lamb for Easter but we have had this lamb Easter and Christmas 2011 and Easter and Christmas 2012 - it is dynamite!

Festive dinner

Dessert numero Uno - yes massive oreo cookie

Reese Cheesecake - it is amazing!
So Christmas was interesting because E had an epic meltdown. You ask why bring up the bad parts/events during Christmas. Well I am pretty sure that it has to do with the less sleep and lack of routine because the meltdowns were knockdown drag out epic - so mentally challenging for me. Of course you want your kids to have excellent behavior all the time but clearly that is not possible but at least you want them well behaved for major events - aka Christmas. Probably did not help that I was up super early with R. Whatever being a mom is hard - and Lee did not have a cakewalk either so let's hear it for the Papas.

Falalala.. On the second day of Christmas we headed to Jibbe's - I had to work so I was a bit late. Much more spirited dynamic there with 7 kids! E loves her cousins so much! I'm not sure how R is not falling down here but that's okay. She was still way into the paper

So many presents!!! We open presents from youngest to oldest so the big cousins were super patient!

E and R getting matching dresses! E LOVES to match. To have no idea

 Getting some help some her cousin with a loud musical toy! Would not be a good toy if it did not make lots of loud noise right? Clearly! E loves it and does this crazy awesome dance.

E helping Jibbe open presents because she just cannot get enough.

All the cousins on their electronic devices - there were Kindles and iPad minis. E got a meReader which is awesome. Moms of toddlers should definitely check them out because they come with 8 stories and kids get to listen to the story as they turn the pages and press the buttons on the meReader. E had to get in on the electronic action - of course

R was just enjoying one of E's toys while the kids were playing. It was a raining day so no outside time for the kids which was a bummer.

R ready to eat dinner at Jibbe's. Another terrific meal - beef and this blue cheese and mushroom sauce which I am slightly obsessed with. There were no seconds available on the sauce! There was sweet potato casserole and green beans. Good good food!!!

Besides another intense E meltdown of meltdowns surrounding leaving, the first and seconds days of Christmas were all around good family memory days. I cannot pick out one particular best moment/memory but this definitely is going down as one of the best food Christmases. Oh and Grammy made her poppy seed rolls too! See the food was awesome.

E is still into all her toys. R does not really seem to notice the new versus the old. I thought our house was going to explode from all the new stuff that we obtained in the 48 hr span - but it didn't just for hte record.

Here's to Christmas 2012.

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