Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ahhhhh... A Fan-tab-u-lous 11 months and 2 yrs 8 months

Well as that it is the 10th of the month I guess it is time for a nostalgic reflection on 11 months for R and 2 yrs and 8 months for E.... AHHHHHHHHHH

Life: One year ago nearly to the day we moved into this so perfect home. I was 8 months pregnant and ready to get settled in our new house. Well that house has definitely become more like home - at least for me. Our old house / rental house always felt like Lee's house but this really feels like home to me : ) 

R: She is eating solid foods like a champ. Pretty much does not give a flip about the jar stuff. She loves the veggie puffs and apple pinwheel things. She is a super fast crawler and I am really encouraging her to stand up. She goes to bed in the 6:00-6:30 time range and is out of bed at 7 am. She goes to MMO three times a week and would probably willing go 5 days a week but I love spending time with her in the off season at Swimworld while I can.

E: What does she not do? Puzzles, ride her cycle, do hop scotch, soooo excited about 2 yr old class, think that she has a 'boyfriend'. She has her moments of glory she never seizes to amaze me. She has her moments of "oh yeah I forgot you are 2 yrs old" like brushing teeth some nights, or completely shutting down and not talking when she is frustrated but those times I try not to focus on. 

The sisters: After lunch before afternoon naps, that girls were playing and E was crawling around chasing R and R stopped and started cackling and then E screamed with delight. Seriously makes the craziness of our life 100% million percent worth it. Seriously... seriously. How about when I was putting R into her pajamas and I went into E's room to help her start the pajama process and she said "Can I borrow those" referring to R's froggie pajamas. I told her they were too small. But it is my hope that these two sisters will be the greatest of friends and the closest of sisters. I keep on telling E that she is super lucky (i am not a believer in luck) to have a sissy because I never had one. Hopefully we can keep the peace as R becomes more mobile and more into things that E thought were 'safe' 

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