Friday, January 18, 2013

Siete Rapido Takes : )

--- 1 ---

Feeling very grateful that I am able to park my car in a garage. Probably because it is -40 degrees outside and we are going to get 2-4 feet inches of snow. It was rainy and cold leaving the office with R and getting out of the car was super nice. I gave Lee an extra big hug when I got home. Now if I could will the light in the garage to work it'd be even better!
--- 2 ---
Errrr... so I made the mistake of telling someone (other than family) that R had been using the potty and I had no changed a dirty diaper in 2 weeks. Well I have been eating my words since then... Eye roll!
--- 3 ---
How about at dinner tonight - so great pork chops and mustard sauce and garlic potatoes, per Lee (yeah he's the best) - R is out of control inconsolable - she has pork, green beans, potatoes, grapes, milk - the works! Nothing. I hold her. Nothing. I put her in the bouncy exersaucer thing (so we can tone down dinner by a notch or two). Nothing. Go get her after taking pity. Nothing. Screams of anger. Then I see it. Her favorite cup is on the counter...dirty. Lee rushes to wash it. Pours milk from the bad sippy cup to the fav and BAM she is back eating and and giggling like normal....

It is a Nuk Learner Cup.. and best of all it does not leak it leaks the least of the other sippy cups

--- 4 ---
E has been soaking up 2 yr old class this week. They got to drink hot chocolate - this month the letters are H and I. Next week they get to wear pajamas... E is already excited.
--- 5 ---
Seriously cannot wait for it to be this time next week. I have been swamped at work. I go to bed at 11:15 finishing work and up at 5:30 working again. I have had to get some release via the blog - hence the crazy post from yesterday.
--- 6 ---
Randomly, our Yankee Candle is out. I had Cinnamon Stick in between Thanksgiving and up until Christmas. Christmas until a few days ago it was Balsam and Cedar. Then from a few days ago until yesterday Cinnamon Stick - but now it is out. Last year I got Truly Rose or something like that for February but I have nothing in the mean time. Guess we'll have to sniff our tree for a few more days - yes it does still smell - it is a great tree. Thoughts? Ideas?
--- 7 ---
I mentioned Lent not too long ago but let me just say. I am super pumped for my parents Marti Gras party that we missed last year - thanks to R being born the day before. I guess that is a good excuse. But I missed the food. My aunt makes this insane Gumbo and ahhhhhhhhh - it is so good. That is pretty much the only thing I eat. I seriously cannot wait. But then it will be Lent so I guess I will wait patiently

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