Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bedtime Stories

A staple in the Kibbe nighttime routine is reading a story - or two. R has been missing out on storytime about every other night because we cannot get our act together and get her in bed... on time. Bad mama : )

Well she still loves the Hide and Seek books and so do we because they are short and sweet and we get a good giggle at the end. Sometimes I'll read her Buenas Noches Luna (Goodnight Moon).

E on the other hand has a crazy amount of books and only wants to read about 5-6 of them. On book she wants to read is a a hidden pictures ABC book - which is not reading!!! And she has memorize where everything is so its not even fun... Sometimes Mama and Papa veto that one. Recently she's been into Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel. She got this one from Grammy for Christmas. Its a Grammy favorite. I think E likes it because it reminds her of Papa's digger which remains out back for the winter...

One of my favorites is Fuzzy Rabbit. I have no idea why but it is and we have read it for the last few nights.

Any good books we should ad to our bedtime stories collection?

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