Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Five Favs... about the birthday guy

Here's to the man of the day... Five Favs - it was kinda hard to pick but you'll get the idea.

1. He is a fantastic hubby

Cannot believe November is going to be our 5 yr anniversary. He has completely changed the direction of my life in such a good way. He is so loving {and all the other mushy lovey adjectives you want to insert here}. He is an EXCELLENT cook - and I am not and he still loves me through that.

2. He is a wonderful father

He adores his children and they adore him. He loves them and watching him with them is something really incredible.

3. He is a man dedicated to God

Even though he was skeptical of my nudging/encouraging him to start the diaconate classes 5+ years ago, I could not be prouder to be his wife. He spent many {some frustrating} hours mulling over papers and book lists and now homilies; it is a true joy to see how far he has come and to watch him continue to grow.

4. He is super handy

No job too big or too small. Sometimes he does need his wifey to come up with brilliant ideas like putting the infant tub under the ceiling as he cuts through it to find the leak. He has repaired many things. He moved our family of three when I was 36 weeks pregnant with R and single handily packed up everything. When there is illness he is the one manning the washer/dryer at 2:45 in the morning. While his not the first to jump up and change a diaper, he's a keeper.

5. He is an avid reader. 

The number of books this guy has read in the past year - let alone 5 years is INCREDIBLE. Sometimes I am jealous of his love for reading {not all the time though}. While I have been known to grumble over the number of books he has and at least once a weekly packages that flow into our house from Amazon {UPS man DON'T RING THE BELL}

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