Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fill in the Blank....


Can we discuss how ready I am to get back to my house? While being residents at Camp Jibbe has had its many perks I cannot WAIT to be back home. I may have sneaked a peak through the windows this morning and peaked through the laundry room I am ready, ready, ready to see the house in living color. 

Side note -  There was an insane sale on the pork that Lee and company use to make the Kielbasa for our parish fundraiser so 33 Boston butts later - they'll be good to go. I think I have given my fair share of Kielbasaa time this year, you know - enduring 2 sausage making experiences - while pregnant plus buying and transporting - one by one each pork package into the freezer in our garage PLUS taking the one package that had a slit in it back to the store for the most rancid car ride EVER.

So I just HAD to go in the laundry room and wash my hands of the pork-i-fied-ness so I looked into the kitchen. Pretty darn impressed and satisfied with what I saw. I really wanted to see the pantry but the doors did not look ready for touching so I resisted. 

Lee and I might take an early 5th (say what, gasp - has it really been that long) anniversary dinner tonight since 1. E's soccer game was canceled and 2. baby #3 is likely not going to allow a celebratory dinner out... so we'll probably head over to the casa to check it out before we do anything. So I'll post some pics in the 7 QTs manana. 

I cannot believe it's been 3 weeks since we've been in the house. I cannot wait to get my hands on new baby clothes and get the room ready. I'll get the carseat installed and my hospital bag packed so I can check those two off the list. 

Hopefully we've been semi-decent house guests. I think the girls will go through some serious Jibbe withdrawal next week (and us too)... Maybe I'll hit the high notes of our 3 week adventure away from the house in the 5 Favs next week. Don't you love me brainstorming new posts... Keeps you coming back for more, I know : )

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