Monday, October 7, 2013

Overheard - Everyone getting in on the action

{comedies... that in retrospect remind me how great life is despite all the madness that goes on in the background} 

E - I had a yogurt popsicle
Jibbe - You did!
E - I did.
Jibbe - What flavor was it?
E - It was YOGURT!
Jibbe - No what flavor was it?
E - Ummm... it did not have a flavor

Jibbe - Where do you want to go for lunch tomorrow?
E - I want to go through the drive thru with R and you need to bring the van
Jibbe - Okay I'll drive the van
E - And I want a juice box and chicken nuggets and R wants a milkshake and I want chocolate milk

Me - What are you going to eat for breakfast?
E - I don't know!
Me - Well you need to decide
E - I just don't know
Me - Look at me, focus, and tell me what you want to eat
E - Well you see the problem is... I have to go potty
Me - Okay well can you tell me what you want for breakfast and then go potty?
E - Well I don't want to go potty in my undies

R- {freaking out because it is 5:31 and she is in her chair without her cup or something to eat}
Papa - Here's your cup R..
R - NACK, NACK... {more whaling}
Papa - {puts Cheerios on her tray} Well hurry up and eat them before your pass out!
R - ....

E - Are we in Rocky Mount?
Me - No E we are still at the beach
E - But we're not at the beach
Me - We are just at the grocery store but we are still at the beach
E - {perplexed}

Me - What does a duck say?
R - Doot, doot?

E - Those steps are really dangerous
Me - I know
E - You could fall down them and hurt the baby
Me - I'll be careful E
E - I'll hold your hand so you won't fall and you'll be safe

E - Mama when are we going back to the ocean-pool-beach?
Me - Where?
E - You know... {really serious face} The ocean-pool-beach!
Me - You'll have to ask Papa
{Pretty sure a trip down to the DR is not in the cards... for a really, long while!}

{after getting a yellow light at school the previous day}
Me - E did you make good decisions at school today?
E - Yes I made good decisions.
Me - R did you make good decisions at school today?
R - No... no, no

E - Papa that's my plant (pointing to a mum Jibbe got E and R)
Me - {getting R out of the van}
Papa - She just told me not to kill it!
Me - Well... consider your track record
{E knows that Papa killed the azalea he got me for my birthday... for SOME reason he likes to get me live plants for occasions (as opposed to the fresh cut, soon-to-be-dead plants), tell me he's going to plant them and then somewhere between the planting and planted stages they die... Birthday azalea did not even make it to the ground. Rose bush from a few years ago.. DEAD. E's a smart kid}

{on the phone on HIS way to a football game... me, packing up the hall closet}
Lee - Chicky... my phone is dying and I just called to tell you that
Me - Okay {not thinking anything of it}
Lee - Well if the baby comes you know where to find me...
Me - Yeah in a crowd of 2000 people?
Lee - You'll figure it out

Me - When are you going to the fair?
Lee - Probably that first Monday... I need to go before the baby comes
Me - And what if the baby comes the day you go to the fair?
Lee - That would be REALLY vicious of you Chicky... really vicious
Me - {Eyeroll}

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  1. Ha, Cecilia is always reminding me to be careful - "Remember not to drop me down the stairs, Mom!" Good thing we have them to remind us :P