Friday, October 25, 2013

No Longer a Tractor Supply Virgin

Okay now that I am coming up on 5 years in the Mount (gasp)... I had NEVER been to Tractor Supply. All I knew about it was Lee got his work boots there and it seemed like the country version of Wal-Mart - which I still contend this is semi-accurate but Tractor Supply is way cooler than Wal-Mart and does not have all the crowds or a food section.

It was this unexplored oasis of shopping... so when Lee went to Tractor Supply in search of a large tub for a baptism at church, I totally jumped on the bandwagon - I mean hopped in the van. Let's just say I was impressed by Tractor Supply and all of the different stuff they had - baby clothes, toys, a pretty good shoe department (for outside/working activities), lawn mowers and small farm implements (that's right... I know what farm implements are : ), pet food - the works, people!!! If the girls were not touching every single object in sight I might have discovered more. So I herded them over to this section while Papa continued the baptism font / insanely large watering bucket search.

R loading up in the ATV

Little red car... Meet JD ATV

Can we take one home? {Maybe for Christmas? - seriously its on the radar screen}

Tractor riding... Just like Papa

Trailer included

E made a point to tell Lee - "Papa I REALLY want this for my birthday". E may have struck a cord with Papa so they can be matching in the yard. 

Overall conclusion... Tractor Supply was a pleasant surprise. I cannot say I would do loads of shopping there but that ATV R was in was super cute (can you believe I just said that? Clearly I have been out of the big city Raleigh too long). Maybe they have an AFTER (not day of) Thanksgiving sale in which I can get a good deal on that. We were thinking about getting R a bike for Christmas but I could see that instead since E is still into her red car. E's dream of her peddle tractor thing might actually wait for her bday since she will be getting a scooter. She'll probably 'need' 100 other things - like the cupcake set we are giving to a friend for her birthday tomorrow or skates - because you know she does not have have skates.

My response... there are many things you don't have and you should be grateful for what you do have.

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