Saturday, October 19, 2013

To Halloween or To Not Halloween... That is the Question

Halloween = orange to me... Here are a few pics from fall/Halloween. I miss my little squeezable pumpkins and patiently.. ehmm.. (not) waiting for pumpkin numero 3.

Pumpkin Numero Uno

Pumpkin Numero Dos
Now... depending on the arrival date of baby 3... we are going to have a teeny tiny pumpkin or a massive walking pumpkin. I have got to come up with picture taking plans for both scenarios. I think it will be much easier to photograph a newborn pumpkin then a walking pumpkin. R was hard enough and she was 9-ish month when that pic was taken (E was 6-ish months).

Okay people Halloween is a hot minute away and so is baby #3. I have officially decided that the baby should come on 10/23/13 because that seems like a good birth date. SO now that I have decided the baby should come that day - according to me - I'll have a fresh new baby at home on Halloween. Or if things don't happen the way that I have decided they should - I will be very much pregnant on Halloween.

Regardless I have not thought about Halloween... in so far as, I am not going to be responsible for anything. No costumes. No bell ringers. No walking the neighborhood. At least for me.

Last year I took E out in the neighborhood and there were probably 20-25% of neighbors passing out candy. The Mount is in the H-E-A-R-T of baptist country so there are a number of people who do not 'celebrate/recognize' Halloween at all. There are lots of fall festivals and trunk-or-treats at local churches.

Which is totally fine with me. I mean what are we really saying with "Trick or Treat"... That's a rhetorical question. Though, I can attest, I was not scarred for life by trick-o-treating growing up. The focus of Halloween was fun... nothing super scary or witch worshipping or anything like that. Which is why I am not opposed to Halloween - it is a fun thing not a cult thing.

Growing up, there was a fall festival in the neighborhood and of the 50 houses in the neighborhood 95% of people passed out candy.

Aside from the fact that I am overly and over being pregnant, trick or treating in the neighborhood is not easy since the houses are on 1+ acre lots and there is not a string of houses passing out candy. Also, E is clueless about it because no one at school is talking about it. And I don't want to drop $25 on a costume. Yep... someone send me a Grinch costume so I can open my door wearing that.

So here is the question of questions... What should we do? I have polled some friends and the jury is not bringing back a unanimous verdict. One thing is for sure. I will not hold myself responsible for Halloweening activities. If E were to go out... she can dress up as a ballerina or princess and be done with that side of it. I also don't think it is fair to send her out (with Papa) and not pass out candy at the house. Should we (being Papa and E - because really R does not need to go out) try and hook up with a friend and go in their neighborhood? Bag it completely?

Come on people help me out!


  1. Do you know anyone who lives in a townhouse? We used to live in one and trick or treating was sooooo easy! But honestly, I only let the kids trick or treat because I want to eat most of their candy... So I think it really depends on what you want to do with the candy!

  2. I would go to a trunk or treat. We did that one year when we lived in a neighborhood that didnt have many. My three year old is so excited about it and has been talking it up for weeks! If you are there you don't need to pass out candy at your house.... Hope your baby comes soon!!