Monday, October 28, 2013

November 2012 - Update

Again another month that I really have no idea what was happening... Other than Thanksgiving in SP and the Mount... so we'll just use our imaginations and fill in the blanks....

 In the van...

 Lee's most favorite outfit on R : ) 

 I told you have kids who sleep in the CRAZIEST positions... 

 Grandpa Joe... enough said

Thanksgiving FOOD!!!


 Cousins pic...

 And again....

 And again....

 The growing group of girl cousins

 Will we be adding another in 2013?

 Obligatory kids in toy box pic

 We can crawl together

 Crashing Papa's couch tie

 Big helper moving R's crib down a notch

 Hi... I just took a bath

 Again, how comfortable can this be?


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