Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 Favs - Things I Won't Miss about being Pregnant

1. Side Squeezes 

Otherwise known as a side hug... I like having regular bear hugs from Lee not these side jobs that are just... awkward : )

2. Insane Pregnancy Hormones

I seriously cannot watch this ad without tearing up... Any others I need a tissue box for?

3. Tip-toeing around the counter

I have to stand on my tip toes to not completely bang the bulging-baby-belly. 

4. Random Pregnancy Comments

The latest from the beach..

Woman on golf cart - You look sooooo adorable!
Me - Thank you...

{Thanks lady but seriously I'm 36 weeks pregnant and in gym shorts and a t-shirt... I cannot look that 'adorable'}

5. Rolling out of bed to brush teeth

Two for one special here folks. A. Losing all muscle abilities during the last two-ish months to the point where I have to pull on the sheets and the blankets just to hoist myself out of bed; not cool. B. Brushing my teeth - one of the first pregnancy signs that I get almost immediately and lasts for the ENTIRE pregnancy is the gagging reflex or whatever that I get when brushing my teeth. It is definitely not as bad as it is in the first trimester but seriously if I could just avoid brushing my teeth for the entire pregnancy as to avoid the reflux I get while brushing my teeth - I would do it. But fortunately I do brush my teeth twice a day as to avoid finding out I have a mouth full of cavities. Passed my dental checkup with flying colors this time around!

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  1. I never miss the random pregnancy comments either!

    1. I think that people get progressively awkward about the comments as the pregnancy progresses!