Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Favs - From the Walk of Shame... Getting Sent Home from a False Alarm at the Hospital

If you had asked me about this yesterday I probably would not have told it like this or not even shared.. but I am a sharer so not you know. We rallied Jibbe at 4 am to tell her to come over because the baby was coming and 3.5 hours later... No baby. But there were some definite positives from the Braxton Hicks contraction - false alarm run to the hospital. 

***Super side note. With the girls I NEVER had false labor or BH contractions. When the contractions started it was labor for real and they were born within 10 hours of contraction so last night when the contraction started at 1:30 in the morning I had no reason to believe it was not labor. Leaving the hospital I was totally questioning myself and my idea of labor pain aside from the fact I felt completely silly because really this is kid #3 - I SHOULD know what real contractions are right? I was having legit contractions so up on the monitor at the hospital but unless you are dilating apparently they don't count : ) 

Here's to my day yesterday!

1. Donut Date with R

After failed attempts at getting a nap in before lunch and the girls got home, I decided I was not going to mope around the house. I picked R up from school/daycare early and we had a little mama-daugther donut date - trying to savor her last few days as the bebe of the house. We maybe had a bit too much fun with the camera : )

Love her!

2. Listening to baby

Isn't it amazing listening to your babies heartbeat? Well we got at least a good hour of listening to baby's heartbeat yesterday at the hospital. It is really a miracle. Oh and this baby's heartbeat is running a good 149 so it even strengthens my opinion that we're gonna have 3 girls. : )

3. Finding out the doctors schedule

While at the hospital I found out who was on call basically through the rest of the week. My doc is on call Thursday and Monday and the doctor who delivered R is on call for the weekend. The doc who delivered E was on call yesterday so as disappointed as I was about not having a baby yesterday, I was excited that he was delivering baby. 

4. Breakfast date with Papa

We left the hospital around 8 and we were both INSANELY hungry and thirsty - they would only give me ice chips. I had a craving for grits so Lee and I stole a little breakfast date while Jibbe handled school dropoff AND E's field trip to the pumpkin patch (have I mentioned my MIL is pretty fantastic - because well she is). Lee and I tiredly looked at each other and talked about nothing in particular but it was nice to just spend a few moments of unexcited quietness together.

5. Best night sleep in a LONG time

I suppose one of the side effects of sleeping from 10:15pm -12:30am one night and being up and down and at the hospital and getting donuts with R and going on a walk with the girls means that going to bed at 7:30 pm (and falling asleep) is totally acceptable. I did not wake up until 5:15 am when Lee was going to rock a crying R back to sleep. Ahhhhh.... rested bliss.

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