Saturday, October 19, 2013

E's 3rd Birthday Recap

Better late than never...

E and R were sick on the day of E's planned party so we had to move it to her actual birthday - which worked out really well. Here's a few pics of how the 3rd birthday went down. E was on an Ariel kick at the time so everything was Little Mermaid - even though she had not seen the movie or anything like that!

Birthday Balloon

Birthday waffles

R giving them a whirl

Going to school...

No princess party is complete with take home cups and crowns!

R diligently working on E's bday card

Feeling way big with a crown and crayons

Hi... I'm 3

Oh the unspoken attitude!

Post nap / pre party excitement!

Not walking but wearing a crown!

The big girls siblings!

Checking out the presents

And opening them too

R taking a break from the present opening

The Little Mermaid cake was a HUGE hit!

Little Mermaid Cake!!!

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

3 yr old bliss!

Cake, cake cake!!!

Birthday Ballerina!

E's birthday was a success for sure. The food was great and I was so happy with the way the cake came out. HT did not have a Little Mermaid cake option so the baker said to bring the figurines and he would make something up - hats off to him! E and her friend had a great time. There was not a herd of kids to crisis manage and break up squabbles which was nice. E scored some pretty great presents. We were so happy that our family and friends could help celebrate E's 3rd birthday : )

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