Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five Favs - Things in the hospital bag

I finally got my act together and packed a hospital bag... Still kinda in denial or something like that, just not being ready for this baby. Now I feel a bit more ready.. a bit... I found some NB diapers in a container upstairs which totally made my day!

1. Leopard Slippers 

Okay this is a major inside joke that I think only about 3 people can appreciate. But these are one of a kind leopard slippers - claws attached. And I have had them on both previous hospital trips and I hope I'll be able to keep up with BOTH of them (ehmmm) for all future hospital trips.

Anyhow, a great pair of slippers is a total must for my wandering the hospital halls at 2:30 in the morning in between feedings and getting poked and prodded by the nurses who are taking my vitals.

2. Both coming home options

Lee said I should not even bother bringing the blue onesie and socks.

3. Icon 

I may or may not have put the death grip on that icon through some intense contractions. Focusing on the Mother of God and praying to her through the pain is a positive part of my labor experience. 

4. My BrestFriend

Love love love this nursing pillow. I never had a Boppy and really have no desire for one because this nursing pillow is awesome. It is firm and adjustable. Only minor complaint is the slip cover is NOT easy to put back on after washing.

5. Softest Blanket EVER

This blanket is great. It is super soft on both sides - just perfect-o to snuggle up with baby.

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