Thursday, December 19, 2013

Theme Thursday - Dreaming

Okay okay... I know this is SUPPOSED to be only one picture but hey... I think might have been dreaming that all three girls were sleeping during rest time. Good thing it was reality : )

What could M be dreaming about? Probably eating... or getting a diaper change

What is E dreaming about? Likely needing another blanket or doing something with her little family of animals. Apparently the tan bunny is Mickey and Minnie's mama...

And then R? She looks like she is dreaming about sitting on a beach relaxing.

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  1. Who says we are only supposed to use one picture? The more pictures the better I say! Okay, maybe I only say that because I always use a lot of pictures.
    I love the last picture. She looks so warm and comfy with all her blankets.

    1. I just cannot get over her legs being crossed and how relaxed she looks : )

  2. They all look so cozy!