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7 QTs - Thankful Thanksgiving Style...

Oh Thanksgiving... The fantastic 4 day weekend of food, fam-mee time, parades, cousins, playing outside when its freezing (by North Carolina standards). I know all these thankful things are pretty standard but I'll try and make them a bit more interesting

--- 1 ---

We are thankful for our family (and friends). This is the girls and their cousins and no Kibbe grandkids pic would be complete without Jibbe : ) As someone pointed out the next Kibbe grandkid will be the boy/girl tie breaker. The boys have reigned for 15 years...

Looking at this picture makes me especially thankful for our good health because that can be taken for granted so easily. R had a 102.2 fever Wednesday afternoon so Papa stepped up and took R to the pediatrician. Ear infection. Totally easy to deal with and not contagious (as I learned). There are a number of people I know who are sick or have a sick child so spare a prayer for them. 

Also, very thankful for our families being able to get together. Some people are missing loved ones like crazy especially around this time of year. 

--- 2 ---

I promise Papa is not as vicious as he looks in the pic : ) 

Thankful for such a loving, caring, giving Papa. Amongst many other things, he made 3 corn puddings in 3 days. He did all the driving back and forth on Thanksgiving Day when we went to Southern Pines. He was (not single-handedly) but very much responsible for much of the cooking on Friday at the Kibbe Family edition of Thanksgiving. He was super patience with the girls all weekend and let E assist in some cooking - which would have been unheard of 10 years ago according to a source who has know him much longer than I.

This is the crew (sans M) watching a parade on Saturday before Thanksgiving round 3 (aka leftovers). He DVRed a few parades but I think I might have deleted one some how. The girls and I watched the Macy's Day parade Friday morning - the first hour was not worth watching too closely but the last two hours were much better. 

--- 3 ---
Turkey induced coma

The story behind this pic is M fell asleep around 4ish. Was placed in her carseat, taken out in the frigid cold, rode home, taken inside, let sleep for a bit longer, taken out of her carseat and still would not wake up. I needed to get her ready for bed since it was 8:30 and I was tired. It took Papa a good 5 minutes to rouse her.

Okay so the run down on the girls... The girls did awesome at all three Thanksgivings - well mostly. Thursday they were super great. E played with the big kids. R was super quiet and clingy to Grammy and Grandpa Joe and me and Papa. E did not completely meltdown when we left. R serendaded us for an hour on the ride home - seriously the girl did not speak for the entire afternoon and then would not put a sock in it in the car - until she fell asleep. M was good - she rode in the carrier (aka the sock - according to Papa) for dinner. Next time we have got to bring a highchair seat... My next search on Craigslist...

Friday R and M and I laid low until about 2:30... E's cousins came and got her mid-morning so that cut out on some noise in the house and R took a good rest. I worked on some thank you notes (and I still have 10 more to go!). I got eat dinner sans M - thanks Shelley : ) E had a small crisis when we left - but who wants to leave when you have 6 other kids to play with? Oh and R did this hilarious dance to the Elmo DVD that Jibbe has - seriously her hip action was IMPRESSIVE

Saturday we hung out at the house and watched another parade. This time it was R's turn to lose it. So she was down for a morning nap because well sometimes it is just necessary. Then leftover lunch at Jibbe's. I am pretty sure she and Aunt Mary did not sit down for about 30 hours between cooking and cleaning up and visiting and hosting... They are so great.

--- 4 ---

We are definitely thankful and ready to go back to school on Monday. Love the family time and if we did not have to work and could live in our own little bubble on our own little island, we would have Thanksgiving at least once a month.

--- 5 ---

Thankful to get the first run postpartum off my back. Yep... I went running yesterday. It was good to get out and exercise and I am currently paying the price but I have some motivation to get moving and ready for this half marathon. My goal is to run 10 minute miles - so once I get out a few more times I'll try and improve my times. 

--- 6 ---

So proud to be on the big swing

Loving the pink hat

Outside bliss!

Trying to get her at the highest point per her request

Saturday after rest I took the big girls outside... It was so cold but they were begging. I need some good gloves/mittens that will actually stay on and to date I have not found any. 

--- 7 ---

I promise an Advent(en) update soon. Week 2 activity is almost done and Week 3 of collecting (contributing) stuff to the St. Nicholas pile of things he is taking is in full swing. 
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