Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 Favs - Less than 168 hours until Christmas!!!

Again not much rhyme or reason behind these....

1. Done... done... done!!! 

Me - Who do you want to send Christmas cards to?
E - Hailey and Landen... and Asher
Me - Well if we send one to Asher that means Sam will get it too
E - They are twins
Me - What does that mean? {Just wanted to know what twins means in the mind of a 3 yr old}
E - Ummm... Two plus two is four
Me - Oh, okay

I let E and R... even though R does not really get it... pick a few friends to send Christmas cards to. Kids in their classes etc... This is the art they decorated the envelopes with. I think E would have done all 135 for me BUT I just let her do 4. 

E and R's cards they are sending

Return Address Stamp = AWESOME

Stamps... I really wanted the Holy Family stamps... but

these were all the PO had. Not super crazy about the Madonna and Child pic that was chosen this year

2. What little girls wish their Daddies knew...

Came across this post on FB the other day and it is a keeper. Totally worth 2.5 seconds of your day. 

3. WestJet Christmas

Watch this video... Yes it is 5 minutes and yes it is worth every second

4. Christmas presents for kids debate...

This is another FB find about one mom's thoughts on what to and not to get kids for Christmas. For me, I would opt to take a less grinchy approach but I think the author is trying to be humorous about it all. Truth or not, the comments range from your are preaching gospel to your are a total grinch.

5. 5th week of Advent

I think we are going to take the easy way out and get out the Nativity set for Advent this week. Should be a good discussion piece. It is cold and there are 100 million things going on since Christmas is a week away. Sorry totally copping out on this one : (

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  1. Haha... you posted that article about gifts. I really reallllllly try not to be grinchy about it (and not nearly as grinchy as the author) but sohelpme if we get another stuffed animal (from a specific person) I may lose it. Gifts are a wonderful way to be generous but if you're just giving people crap without putting any thought behind it, you're kind of missing the point. I of course willing accept every gift, but if I know the intention of the giver is less than honorable, I may get a little grinchy about it (in private). Hah... I still sound bad. But I can't find a way to say it nicely...

    1. Yeah... Grinchy in private is much more acceptable! : ) but I gave a friend fair warning since both of our big girls are exchanging presents - which is totally unnecessary in the first place - that we would be giving princess items that would likely be tossed in a month or two... And that's totally fine by me.