Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5 Favs - The bunk bed has arrived....

Just another 5 random musings...

1. Not seeing my feet for another 6 months

Just when I thought I it was possible... M decided to love sleeping in the Beco carrier - and I happen to be thrilled to snuggle up with her as she rest (and I work/clean up/attempt at being productive)

2. Watching the big girls love each other

As we were leaving school yesterday they held hands and sang and screamed (happy, gleeful screams) their way to the van. MADE. MY. DAY. Hands down was the cutest thing ever and it is so awesome to watch them grow. 

3. LEGO KidsFest

I was on a local news site and this was being advertised. LEGO KidsFest looks totally fun and I really want to take the girls. There is a Duplo section which is excellent. However, can we discuss how expensive it is? I mean we'll only have to pay for the adults and E because R scoots into the 2 and under category... still a bit pricey but possibly totally worth it?


4. School art from last week

This month the colors are white and black so no more massive searches for brown clothing items!!!!

5. New bed!!!

I wish I had the time and energy to stitch these pictures together to give you a full 360 view of the room. We had decided a getting a Berg bunk bed for the girls room. Then I was poking around Craigslist last Friday night (yeah, because I'll cool like that) and saw this number. It was not the exact bed that we had originally talked about but it was made by Berg and it was a STEAL. I mean fantastic price.

I made sure we were the first people to see it because I knew as soon as someone (either us or someone else) saw it... it would be gone. Sunday after church and after brunch at Grammy's with aunts and uncles... Lee, M and I headed over to check it out.

Seriously the bed(s) have hardly been used and you can tell - there is not a scratch or ding in it. I told Lee it would see more wear in a month at our house than the 3 years it was in the room of the girl who had it before!

Yesterday Lee and some of the guys who work for him disassembled it, loaded it up, drove it from Raleigh to the Mount, and reassembled it. Let's just say it is massive. I really like it. The drawers are awesome and deep. The staircase is safe. It is great. The only downside is that we lose about a 18"x 36" area either under the bunk (that is pictured) or in the corner between the crib and the bed (the lower bed is on wheels and can be pulled in and out). It is kind of dead space. So we'll be fielding ideas as to what we should do with it... Oh and we really cannot push the crib over any further because the closet door won't open.

Here's to the work in progress...

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  1. we got our girls bunk beds and they LOVE it!!! Love might be an understatement! It has worked out so well for us! I hope it works for you too!!!

    Happy Wednesday!
    -Sami @