Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Favs From... The Fourth Week of Advent

Since I'm way more on top of the 4th week of Advent... So here goes! We opted to go pray for the dead at two graveyards yesterday. We started out planning to only go to one but we squeaked the second in. 

Because tights + shoes = difficult / see number 5 as to why I wanted to post this pics

On the fourth week of Advent the Kibbes learned dee-dee... 

{totally wished I was creative enough to come up with verses to match The 12 days of Christmas song}

1. We learned what a mausoleum is...  

{And I just learned how to spell it} First stop was to pray for a family friend - our NiNi maker.

2. We learned that you only die once

{while driving to graveyard numero dos}

E - So if you are sick you die?
Me - No you can be sick and not die
E - If you get sick then you die?
Papa - No you only die one time
E - {perplexed}

3. We learned that two people can share a headstone

{while driving home}

E - I only prayed for two people
Me - No we prayed for three
E - But we only went to two graveyards
Me - But we prayed for Grandma and Granddaddy at the same graveyard
E - I only prayed for two people!

{not arguing with 3 yr old}

4. We learned E has got the "Blessed repose" song down pat

R has some improving to do... There were no Alleluias sung (she has been shouting those out around the house this week) so she was a bit out of the loop... : )

5. We learned that Papa looks super cute in his glasses

On a lighter note...

Him trying not to be totally annoyed with me taking a ton of pics : ) 

Pretty sure this is the first time EVER I have seen this guy in glasses - in person. It is going on 9 years that we've known each other so that is a pretty impressive record.

Here's the lo down on Advent in our house...

The Plan
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

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  1. Haha, I love those kid comments! They are so funny. Impressive about the glasses.

    1. I try and write down as much funny stuff as they say so I'll remember it!