Thursday, December 5, 2013

Theme Thursday - Lights

Now for another edition of homework thanks to preschool.

I happen to like the homework 'assignments' because it gives E and me some time to do something together. AND E likes doing her homework which means.... Bargaining chip. Example, Tuesday she did not settle down and have a good rest and instead decided to rummage through our room (she rests in our room so she and R do not share a room). Aforementioned rummaging = no doing homework = E way sad = the next day E settling down and sleeping because the threat of not doing homework was too much : )

Can we have homework every week instead of every month?

Any-who... assignment was to make a stocking. E could have just colored it but she now associates homework with crafts and glue and buttons and usually a trip to Don Miguels (Michaels) or Hobby Lobby. So not need to kill the spirit to go above and beyond what is asked right?

Only other stipulation on the homework was no Santas - NO PROBLEM!

Although while we were supply shopping a woman came up to E and asked her what Santa was brining her... Now what is the best way to answer that question politely and quickly enough that I won't get blown off? Fortunately the woman decided to ramble on about M so I was out of that one...

So here's how it when down...

Blank canvas

M looking on... I hope that when its her turn to do homework in 3 yr old class
we can have the same Mama-daughter time

Glitter Pom-poms, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, two gift tags turned decoration, six beads,
wrapping ribbon and six mini Christmas lights = E's stocking oh and glitter glue because
we just 'had to use it' 

Mama needs a glue gun for Christmas so I don't have to use these clamps and Elmers glue..
I'd take two and a gift card to Hobby Lobby because that store has some pretty neat stuff

The finished product

Who would have thought you can string lights on a stocking?

On tap for today... Laundry, getting big girls room organized, St. Nicholas is coming to visit tonight... I am excited for the girls (and also excited for the things he is taking - I'm in a bit of a purging mood...) 

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  1. I love her creativity in her homework assignments!

    1. She has quite the imagination. E loves to accessorize!!!

  2. Well done! I love the lights, too!

    1. Hobby Lobby came up big time with the lights. I would have never thought to look for them!

  3. Wow...that is an awesome craft! So cool! Is the EEK her initials? That's so cool...awesome!

    1. Her preschool teacher has some pretty cool crafts! Yep her initials are EEK, and R's are RRK and M's are MMK : )

  4. Very cute! I love when the kiddos get into a craft like that. :-)

    1. E is SUPER into doing her homework. I just hope her enthusiasm continues throughout high school!

  5. That is such a pretty stocking!