Monday, December 2, 2013

Our New Normal... Sunday Mornings

This is what our table looks like a mere 7.5 minutes before we are waltzing out the door to church at the crack of before dawn on Sundays. I have opted to continue breakfast in the parish hall before Liturgy rather than rush it at home in the early 6 am hour. Dressing another little person and having to feed her too has thrown a wrench into our timing though... We were at least 5 minutes late getting into church on Sunday... which led to a massive crisis/meltdown for E because she did not get to venerate the Gospel book - seriously very, very loud. Soooo.... maybe if I can convince her to not complain about how she does not like blueberry muffins next week, we can avoid at least one crisis of the morning.

Otherwise church is pretty manageable flying solo with three... ask me next week after I am 100% solo during the homily as Papa is 'preachin' - according to E.

E needs her Liturgy book - which I think we'll end up owing the parish for one book because the pages are bent and cover is destroyed for hitting the ground so many times

R needs last week's bulletin for her 'book' so that we won't end up owing for most of the expensive liturgical books. She semi-buys into it... for now

M needs to be asleep when we make our grand entrance into church and if she's not she chills out in her carseat and checks things out... I am halfway convinced that babies can see angels so who knows how many she sees during 1.5 hrs we are there. Then she gets hungry, eats, and returns to her carseat.

Yes I look completely crazy walking from hall to church with E and R and 3 Lands End totes and M in the carseat but not strapped in so I have to carry it from both ends... 

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