Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes - An M Update

It has been 5.5 weeks since she's been born.. here's what's going on with little M

--- 1 ---

Just within the past week M started to smile. It is precious. I have unsuccessfully been able to capture said smiles.

--- 2 ---

M is a great little sleeping partner. She'll get up twice in the night to feed and then go back to sleep which translate into lots of sleep for Mama - I am forever grateful for the sleep 

--- 3 ---

I really have taken pictures of her with our real camera. She's generally okay with having her picture taken and she was pretty okay with having her Christmas picture taken - but no a fan of all the commotion while trying to take a sisters pic!

--- 4 ---

M is generally really quiet and a great little trooper a work - mainly because she sleep a large chunk of the time. She likes to sleep in the Beco carrier which I'm pretty okay with. Sometimes I can get her to sleep in the bouncy seat but I enjoy the snuggles in the Beco too.

--- 5 ---

Every morning is an adventure. M is super patient - with me - as I get the big girls going for school (most of the time Papa has been around). When he is not and M is hungry and R is hungry and E is doing her morning thing... it can get a bit dicey. So I priortize needs and screaming levels. R usually takes the cake and if I can get E and R eating then M has a long stretch of eating time.

Then its off to the races at school drop off. Can we say drop off line when it is 35 and pouring? In my dreams : ) Well fortunately M sleeps through most drop offs courtesy of the JJ Cole Bundle Me car seat insert. I just zip that up put a blanket over the whole carseat, lock it into the stroller, E and R scream (sometimes) over who is holding onto which side of the stroller (because that's the only way to survive a busy parking lot with 2 mobile kids), and we walk. I really need a picture of myself every morning I get them into school because seriously it is a feat. 

The big girls love M. They are very concerned when she cries or when she eats. First thing R does in the morning is search for the 'baaay-beeeee' - instead of her cup so M is provide excellent distraction!

--- 6 ---

I seriously was unsure about loving M's name before she was born - maybe because the boy name we had was over the top fantastic - guess we'll save that one for a raining day. Anyways, as soon as I saw Papa hold M and talk to her and call her M - I knew it was perfect. I love to watch him with M. The way he talks to her and loves her (and the other girls) is awesome.

--- 7 ---

I cannot believe how big she is getting and how much she is changing. At two weeks she was already 1 pound more than her birth weight. I can't imagine how much she is now! No one can figure out who she looks like - so you'll just have to stay tuned to find out!
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  1. I was the same way with A's name! I actually really did not like it at all but now I love it!

    1. Yes it is so crazy!!! I mean we had picked it out literally months before and I was seemingly okay with it but I just remember in the last few weeks of pregnancy thinking how am I going to call her that? Weird.

      I think I am just horribly predisposed LOVING the two boys names we have picked out that none of girls names we will pick will be as cool/meaningful/whatever... We at least need two boys so we can use these names even though I could easily think of and really like at least 6-8 boy name combos