Monday, December 9, 2013

Thoughts from the weekend... Goals for the week

Sometimes it feels like I have 100 million things going around in my head so here's what I got

A. "On Sundays I lose my religion"

Okay now that I have your attention... This comment/quote is from the other deacon at our church's wife. She is a mother to 8 and a grandmother to probably twice that many... Yesterday at church she helped me - mainly holding M through a good part of Liturgy, because she wanted to and I forgot the Beco in the car. E and R were not being bad by any means but wrangling 3 kids solo in church on a good day is hard. So I was thanking the deacon's wife for helping me and talking about kids in church and handling that and she said her husband served when her kids were growing up and she told him she felt like "On Sundays I lose my religion".

Obviously she was just saying that for the effect but still Liturgy is the one time during the week I want my kids to behave the best so that I can participate/sing/pray for one hour and 15 minutes. Seriously, is that too much to ask? Well most weeks it is. I used to get super frustrated about it but now I just accept it. Liturgy means work of the people; let me tell you taking kids to church is work and it takes more than just me to get through it - in a good way. In fact I would make the case that taking kids to church is the best work; it is hard work but no one said work should be easy. Raising/training children to live a faithful life is the job of parents and the sharing the faith with children is the best gift you can give a child - at least I think. Seriously I am so glad that my parents took us to 7:30 am Mass week in and week out, year in and year out - it is the best gift I think they could possibly give me.

B. Christmas Cards

Did you see our Christmas card outtake? Not as fantastic as 2012... But considering I don't even have a good group pic to use... You can gather how well it went. R was up to bat first. She was super interested in laying on the chair rather than sitting. Then it was E, R, and M so that R could be done the fastest. M screamed. E did this insane lower jaw to the side smile thing that is just weird. R drooled. Next up E who continued the lower jaw thing. Finally solo M who was super cute and did not even spit up on her dress!

Cards ordered. Stamps not bought. Hopefully they'll be out next week.

C. Thank you notes

Done... done... done with thank you note for M. They are a pain to do but my mama ALWAYS made us do them for birthdays and Christmas and I kind of appreciate that getting drilled into my system. And done just in time for Christmas : ) 

D. Babies!!!!

Okay how about I found out in the span of 4 days... 3 friends are having babies in June! I'm feeling totally left out... Oh wait, not! Anyhow, super exciting times. Babies and growing/big families are so fun! I'll have to do a post on baby items soon because 2 of the 3 are first time mamas!!!

E . School pics

Now let's discuss how expensive school pictures are... No wait let's not. 

F. R's Christmas present

I am on the hunt for this trike at a great price. Sam's has it for $70 but not pink. Wally's has it for $80... I am still holding out for finding it at Sams... 

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