Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

How about yesterday at church E was singing so insanely loud that I was cracking up for a good part of the first half of Liturgy... And so was Papa and the priest. It was awesome. She was slightly off tune and about .5 seconds late and very loud so her voice was very noticeable. She was so in to singing and very proud to be singing the words... Couldn't ask her to tone it down : )

Wondering how we are going to survive Christmas break with no school and me working and Papa wanting to maintain his sanity? Babysitter.

Thinking about making 12 Sweets of Christmas... Think Papa will be on board?

Thrilled that Christmas is on a Wednesday which means I don't have to work Christmas Eve so that means I can decorate the tree and deck the halls outside. 

Waiting for the second day of Christmas sales to get more outside decorations on sale... Because man those things are $$$

Pondering if we will see Grammy and Grandpa Joe at the Farmers market Sunday getting our trees. We ran into them last year and E totally wants there to be a repeat performance.

Trying to come up with another Advent activity for the week.

Reminded that drinking a cup of coffee at 4:30 in the after is a HORRIBLE idea but since I was wide awake at 11 pm I cranked out this post Mosts Post

Busy week... Aside from the general antics:
1. E has a dr appt
2. I have nursing mothers group meeting- M and I are excited 
3. I have a dr appt
4. I want to do M's footprints in Wil-town
5. Might swing by the consignment shop when doing numbers 3 and 4 just because
6. E has her Christmas program

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