Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Carols According to Me

(Ideas for a better renditions will be fielded in an untimely manner; wrote these to keep me smiling through the Christmas Eve packing)

The Kibbes are Coming to Town

Mama's made a list,
Checked it 100 times
Gonna find out what she forgot
The Kibbes are coming to town.....

And we're only leaving the house for 22.5 hours and this is the amount of mess we require

We Three Bags

We three bags of E, R and M
Stacked and packed to travel not far
Stuffed with clothes, pjs, and toys...
Hope everything makes it in the car....

Ohhhhh... Oooooo
Bags, bags, bags, bags, bags, bags!!!!!


Van Rides

Gassing up the van
Just in the nick of time
Driving on 64
And over 95
Ha ha ha
Girls with there snacks
Hoping mama will stay sane
For the hour long van ride
Oh what fun it is drive and snack with the Kibbes 

Van ride van rides are so very fun....

Not... enough... petrol to get there and back

The snacks lasted all of 7.6 minutes just in time for me to finish pumping gas

I survived packing up our stuff for our 1 night stay at Grammys on Christmas - and I even managed to not forget anything. I had thought I left R's Nini and M's one single present but I'm a rockstar. That 3.5 hours sans Papa in the rush to pack and get Christmas outfits out and organized was not hairy at all and I definitely did not hang over not opening presents over E's head AT ALL - I promise. 

We had a super great Christmas celebration in Raleigh-world and the Mount. I'll make a X-mas highlights post once our house has absorbed all of it's new contents. 

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