Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Morning in Pics..

Oh just another Tuesday morning in the Kibbe house...

M is up at 4:15... I don't go back to sleep
Coffee ready at 5:07... I get out of bed (Papa is already up)
R is talking/singing before 6:30
M is crying at 6:40
Get R out of bed at 6:50... E has her head buried in the covers
Papa gets the paper
E appears around 7:10
Start breakfast after 7:15... way way way late
E meltdowns for 20 minutes over the amount of cereal she has and does not have
E decides to not pout in her room and finally eat
I pack up bags... thank goodness I packed snacks in containers and got cups ready the night before
Papa gets R out and dressed 
E F-I-N-A-L-L-Y finishes breakfast.. 7:50ish
I get M dressed... feed her
Gather in the family room for prayers because going upstairs is just not going to happen...
Shoes, coats, bags, wits... stroller!
And we just survived another morning : ) 

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