Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Just ignoring the fact I have not started packing up the house for the reno....

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

{while discussing dinner options}
Me - What kind of vegetable will go with Ruben's?
Lee - I don't know Chicky just pick something.
E - Chocolate chip cookies?
Me - No that is not a vegetable.
E - Chocolate chip cookie cucumbers?

--- 2 ---

This little visitor might give you a clue about Monday's question. No idea where he came from.... 

Kinda creepy.. no? I like these ones better

--- 3 ---
The weather change has brought about some wardrobe issues and cold/cough issues.

A. How do you dress your kid for school when it is mid 50s when you leave and mid 80s after rest? Jumpers and tights in the AM and replace tights with biker shorts and diaper covers in the PM.

B. Both girls have had this deep flem-free cough all week. No major fevers. R had a slightly fever Tuesday. Okay doable. She can come to Swimworld. BUT I have an OB appointment. {Ugh} I really try and avoid taking kids to my doctor appointments... but I could not risk a call an hour after I dropped her off because there is no way I could get there. Well R did fine. I did not have to wait long which was awesome. Then we headed to Swimworld to check in. R gravitated toward the Gizzmos - yes they are actually called that!

{9:15 pm - Barging into our room}
E - R feels like she has a fever
Me - She does not have a fever
E - {cross arms, lowers chin, eyes to top of eyelids} R has a fever
Me - No she does not! Would you like me to go check
E - YES!
Me - {checks on R - who is not with fever} Mmmm... she's fine
E - {in same pose} But she has a fever!
Me - Go to bed!

{9:18 pm - little hands grasp and slowly open door}
Lee - What is it?
E - R is snoring
Me - No she is just sucking her thumb
E - But it sounds like she is snoring
Me - But she's not. Please go to bed

--- 4 ---
These are not even remotely in order. So back tracking to Saturday.... and the pig pickin'

E was anxious to get outside as soon as humanly possible. But when she woke up pretty much all her shoes did not fit - except the new school shoes. Seriously? 3 pairs of shoes don't fit overnight? Weirdness

 Supervising the cooking of the pig

Papa, Uncle Robbie and E. Can we discuss how much I really LOVE Lee's pig cooking overalls? Okay... NO.

R on supervising duty while E and I went to swim class which went soooo much better. Oh and somehow during this time the camera I gave Lee to take pictures A. ended up with ZERO pics on it and B. ended up with a crazy broken lens. New handheld camera in order? Y-E-S...

This is the only pig pic I'll post. Well point of the story. The pig pickin' was a big hit - Papa, Tio, Uncle Robbie, and Jibbe really helped everything come together. Everyone had a great time. The food was awesome. The weather was insanely perfect. I really liked having a gathering at our house so I could see/talk to a whole bunch of people - though I could have used another 5 hours. I don't think I would have lasted another 5 hours - I was on a downward spin around 6 but fortunately I managed to get out of tub duty for not one but both girls - thanks fam-mee.

--- 5 ---
The progression of the astronaut assignment.

Mrs Frizzle giving us good ideas - E was set on having a cord from the rocket to her helmet

Yeah I spent $5 on the planet stickers because they were the ONLY ones - needed coupon


3 yr old astronaut!

Reading Lost in Space one more time... E's new fav book. 

The glitter glue was a a huge success. There is still concern over whether or not the pipe cleaner is going to stay connected. Overdone? Maybe... but set your standards/expectations high... now. E was totally into the whole time so its not like it was forced. And I may or may not have enjoyed listening to her talk about what needed to go where and guiding her around the lines with the glue.

--- 6 ---

Me - All done?
R - Done
Me - Let's wash hands.
R - Nigh-nigh?
Me - Yes then night-rnight
R - Oooo {really scrunched up sad face}

--- 7 ---
I think I need to order a shirt or button that says "I'm due 10/27... Thanks for asking" Seriously, seriously... I think I got that questions from EVERY SINGLE PERSON who came into the store yesterday.

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