Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 Favs - Solutions to some Issues

1. Cups for E

Now that E is going to 3 yr old class and I have thought that she should not be taking a regular sippy cup. I mean come on she's 3. So who better to ask then Auntie C who knows all things kids. She said I needed these Thermos Funtainer straw cups first and foremost because they DON'T LEAK. Fortunately for me the preschool goes back three weeks after the regular schools so I got two for E on sale. They are not the cheapest cup but if they don't leak and they last - I am game.

2. Smoothies

One day a few weeks ago E could NOT decide what she wanted for breakfast and FINALLY decided on toast. It took her from 7:25 to 7:55 to eat half a piece of toast. I was trying not to lose it completely because she should have had teeth brushed, outfit on, and hair brush by 7:55. So I was talking to the girls at work - because they are the best you know - and one suggested making smoothies because they are 1. fun 2. fast and 3. can have lots of protein and fruit in them.

I am ready to give them a whirl... as soon as we move back into our house.

3. Matting

I have been trying to get these pics matted for the past... A really longtime. I was going to have Michaels mat and frame them but even with the insane discount... Not doable. So then I picked the frame out and just was going to have Michaels cut the mat. One mat that is 11x14 with two cut outs... $66. Haha. No. I was talking to R's godmother who knows someone who I cane bring the mat sheet to and he'll cut the mat for about $15. Excellent. Maybe I'll have these done before #3 comes... Unlikely. 

4. Laundry

E is totally on board with my laundry system of sorting whites, darks and lights - even though she sorts them strictly by color - I love the help

5. Your pregnant wife will NEVER turn down chocolate

So apparently Lee got the message from this post (and maybe a few others). Friday he came home with a dark chocolate Dove bar (not too big so I did not feel completely guilty consuming it all) so I had some motivation to get packed for the reno.

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  1. You may have just saved my sanity with your Thermo Funtainer rec. Our sippy/straw cups are the worst! Thank you!

    Also, your title font is gorgeous!

    1. The cups are not cheap but sanity is worth a bit. Plus they seem like they'll hold up so you won't need a huge supply of them. One of them supposedly leaked the first day or two but you have to make sure the straw is pushed all the way up in the lid. I have not had any complaints other than that!