Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Changes

Last week we moved the girls to the third row in the van. On tap for this week - same room. It was probably the single biggest thing I was dreading about bringing on baby #3. E only came out of her room 5 times to go potty in a 15 minute span but R was asleep already. This morning I walked into this. R woke up 6:45ish and E was roused not long after - not horrible. 

Naps were still separate and will remain separate. I have to get a toddler mattress for E to go in our room. Just not willing to go to combo naps, yet - {ever?}

Tonight R was awake when E went to bed. Not any major noise/crisis - yet. 

And tomorrow is....

3 yr old class day! She tried on her shoes one last time just to make sure they still fit and she had to pick out her favorite new pink socks. She's got her eye on an outfit for tomorrow - and they will be painting! on the first day of school!!! so got to remember that shirt to go over her outfit. Yeah she has a brave teacher!

E cannot stop talking about the waffles she has been promised in the morning. She is very excited about her bookbag and has instructed me that once R turned 2 - she'll need a bookbag, lunchbox, a folder etc etc. 

And get this... already discussing what's happening next year - pre-K / 4 yr old class. Okay let's get through Day One of 3 yr old class first PLEASE?


  1. I've never tried nap time in the same room, and my big kids have been sharing a room for a year and a half... For a while I set up a little "napping nook" on our bedroom floor, with comforters and pillows. John Paul would actually fall asleep pretty frequently! But it was a fairly soft carpeted floor. Now he reads in our bed and since Cecilia sleeps most of the time during nap time, I'm not putting them in the same room any time soon!

    1. Napping Nook is definitely in the works for E. We are having some crazy work done to the downstairs and I think I'll mess with the nap area in our room AFTER all that is said and done.

      Napping in the same room sounds awful. The sleeping in the same room has gone surprisingly well. I just have to get my act together and get E in bed before 8 because it still takes her 45-60 minutes to wind down and fall asleep - oh and use the potty 50 times : )

  2. Alright this comment about bedtime made me feel better. We cannot get our 3 year old to calm down at bedtime and it takes anywhere from 45 to 70 minutes. Thought we were doing something wrong but if E is taking same amount maybe its just the age. Rough sleep week over here!!

    1. I think it's because E could get away without a nap but I'm not willing to let her give it up. I need to get back into that book Happy Baby, Healthy Sleeping Habits... It might have some decent tips. d