Thursday, September 26, 2013

p,f,h,r - 1st Day at the beach picture dump

This one is all pics... just to make up for last week.

round button chicken


Fam-mee in the beach! {yes I am avoiding the camera like the P-L-A-G-U-E - you know is a preggo thing : ) } 


Just swinging in the waves... just swinging in the waves... What a glorious feeling I'm hap-happy again... Just swinging in the waves


E was obsessed with making a rabbit hole on the beach. Uncle Kevin obliged 


I think my Real - sections are more like Really??? sections. Kind of like Really? you went to the beach 8 months pregnant with two kids? Are you really out of your mind? Well... yes I did and yes I probably am. Fortunately Grammy and Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kev are not making this a one-mom-show. 

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