Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Snapshot(s) - Our Weekend in DC in pics

Look at that Papa. Double stroller and backpack. Rockstar!

Master List - everything was packed in our colorcoded bags and list was coded with the bag it went it - yeah I'm OCD

Bags packed... Snack options... Cups = NECESSARY

On the road again....

On the Metro after the Nats game...

Good Saturday Morning

Snuggling on E's mattress/pullout bed

Let's go eat people!

Passing off goldfish to Papa at the zoo

R loves pita and hummus... Maybe she's part Middle Eastern : ) 

And making a MASSIVE mess


E told me Saturday night she had a great time at the zoo and the food festival : ) 

Clean up... clean up 

Hotel floor gross-ness... Ninis and everything else is going through detox... ASAP

TV + massive bed + preschooler = Mama and Papa packing in peace

Mirror + phone + toddler = {Eyeroll}

Oh man! There is sooooo much more to say/discuss about this trip including "How to take a stress free family vacation" - which I am pretty sure is a myth if there are kids involved. But Lee and I survived it. We definitely had our snapping points throughout the weekend but I think those are to be expected right? 

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Well I enjoyed it .... Thru you!......enjoy bedtime!!
    Rain :)

    1. You totally missed out on the massive Metro meltdown on Friday night... That was pretty epic : )

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