Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What We're Reading Wednesday - Volume 2

Team Captain

As of yesterday, he was still reading this


Still reading. Very excellent


Why are we/E reading such books? Well the kid came home on Monday with homework?!?!? That's due on Friday.... Blank paper that she has to color/decorate/whatever an astronaut. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime getting these thing here in time. The books came before her rest today and she promptly declared she wanted to be an astronaut. How do you explain an astronaut to a 3 yr old? Well I figured between Mrs. Frizzle and the pics in the Eyewitness book - she's not going to be clueless. I might {might} take her to Michaels tomorrow to get some stickers because she 'needs a rocket'. We'll see about that though.

Side note, the Eyewitness book comes with a CD of clip art... E thought and still thinks its a movie. She is such a 21st century child!


E loved Baby Bear around this age and we did not have Brown Bear. Well R is stuck with Brown Bear because Baby Bear is MIA - and you know I think she's okay with it : )

Got any other suggestions? I could totally get into this link up because I REALLY SHOULD READ MORE!!!!

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  1. I'm so excited that you are enjoying The Whole Brain Child! I get nervous recommending books because I know everyone has a different parenting style, but I feel like this book is just so useful and practical.

    1. In just reading the first few pages it at least gives me an understanding of why I cannot connect with my kids sometimes - that is comforting in and of itself

  2. I'm going to check out The Whole Brain Child. I do enjoy this genre.