Monday, September 30, 2013

Caterpillars First Game Recap

{sorry no pics from the game - hopefully Nani will come out and take some real pics one game : ) } 

So we, the Caterpillars, survived our first game tonight. I think the kids were really overwhelmed by all the cheering (not a bad thing) and noise. We had some kids who were super into it and ran around but NO ONE wanted to take the ball away from the other team. I guess that's what you get when you stress 'sharing' with your kids : ) I have a plan for the practice part of our time before our game next week to get their minds on taking the ball away!

Anyways, it was cute. The parents were super into it which is so great. I think most of them had fun. Of course the snacks were a big hit along with shouting Caterpillars as loud as they possibly could (to scare the other team, you know). I broke out in a sweat taking to run along side, hold hands, pick up and motivate the kids into chasing after the ball - AND I did not go into labor : )

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