Thursday, September 19, 2013

p,f,h,r - The Overheard, Pictureless Edition

Sorry no pics for this one. Lee just dumped all my phone pics onto my computer and I have no idea where they are actually saved.

round button chicken


Me - {Walking in with the pizza box}
R - Pee-ta, Pee-ta, Pee-ta {repeated for the next 3.5 minutes until she got in her highchair and was given dinner

Usually pre-dinner is a far from pretty situation. R is in and out of the kitchen SCREAMING for 'eat' and 'cup' and usually has about negative ounces of patience. Surprisingly the screams for pizza were toned down and really cute!


{while on the bluetooth in the van with Lee)
Me - Okay love you
Lee - Love you too
R - I looo youuu. Looo youuu

Awwwww... moments like this make my crazy days so much more worth it. 


E - I need to twist my tongue
Me - Why?
E - Because I really need to
Me - But what are you going to do with a twisted tongue?
E - {blank stare}

I have no idea. NO IDEA. 


E - I don't want to get hardwood floors put it
Me - Well Mr Charles is going to take care of it all
E - But I don't want hardwood floors
Me - But all your toys are going to be safe
E - But I don't want hardwood floors
Me - Well we are going to get them and there is nothing to be worried about
E - {screams, tears, THE WORKS}

Yup... its really happening. Nani thinks that E can tell I'm stressed about having the house worked on a hot minutes before new baby comes. Maybe she can and maybe she is expressing my emotions and opinions as I try and remain calm. 

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