Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Favs - Things I Won't Miss about the New House

1. Our peace and current routine

So while all the shenanigans (aka construction) are going on here the house will not be livable so the girls and Papa and I will be camping out at Jibbe's. I like our routine. I like how everyone knows what the expectations are and what needs to be done. So that will be temporarily interrupted...

2. Mysterious (or not-so-mysterious) spots ALL OVER the carpet in the dining area

Since when it is a good idea to put carpet in the dining room? Ummm... NEVER. 

The carpet was perfect when we moved in. Now it is... well. Lived in. 

I can stop freaking out every time something is spilled on the floor. 

No idea what those are but there is nothing that has not gotten on this floor

Strawberry shortcake + whipped cream + ice cream + sprinkles 

When I painted E's toenails for 4th of July and then discovered that some has run off her nails... It was hot pink. I didn't even worry about it.

3. Teeny Tiny Pantry

So we'll loose a coat closet in the process BUT we already have one right off the kitchen so my level of concern = 0%

Sorry you don't need Peanut Butter crackers at Swimworld at 4:45. I'll get you a pack to take for your snack tomorrow and if you don't stop crying about it then I'll take them for snack tomorrow.

4. Dividing wall into between in kitchen and living room

We're taking down all the wall half way and putting in a knee wall from the midway point to the laundry room door

Living Room

Kitchen side

5. Pink carpet in our bedroom?

Who does not love pink carpet in the bedroom!?!?!

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