Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What We're Reading Wednesday - Volume 3

Team Captain

I have no idea... 100% sure it is Church related. He is out of his normal library and reading room... I'll give you a tour of his library one of this days. You wives who complain about your husband's book buying habits (Kate? Martha?) compare and trade notes and be unified in the INSANE amount of books our husbands have that we will probably never read.


Still reading - kinda. I have been on a cross stitching kick


We ventured to the local beach bookstore - yep we're at the beach - with Grammy and E picked out Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom from the used section and this sweet Penguin book new. The Penguin book is written by an NC author which is pretty neat. When we got home I skimmed the Chicka book and discovered a missing page - E does not know... Hopefully we can convince her to exchange it.

Side note, E and Grammy have a library date since we have been to the Mount library hmmm... twice. Well really only once because one time was for passport application so that totally does not count. Why don't we go to the library? I really like going outside in the afternoons with the girls. If I was a SAHM I  imagine we would be hitting up the library on a weekly basis for books and storytime and just something educational to get out of the house. Now I just want to be outside. Maybe we'll go some in the winter... With a preschooler, toddler and newborn. Ha! Who am I kidding : )


I got R this book because she has semi-mastered the word Cheerios and she's way into food so this book is totally up her alley.

Got any other suggestions? I could totally get into this link up because I REALLY SHOULD READ MORE!!!!

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