Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunset Beach... You will be missed

Hurricane Kibbe made landfall on Sunset Beach, had a great time and quickly stormed back to the Mount...

The girls and I headed out around 5:45 on Saturday morning from the beach. My crafty-mommy-self thought leaving early would be fantastic because it would still be dark and the girls would probably sleep for another 2 hours in the car because it was still dark - in additional to getting out of the house while Grammy, Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kev (that's what E calls him now). Well R was whisked down to the van with very little problem - though I still had to get the pack and play folded up. Then E... who I decided should go potty but as I roused her she went into a screaming fit about not wanting to leave the beach... : ( 

Needless to say, we had a very wide awake van ride home. R only screamed the last 45 minutes of the 2 hr and 50 minute drive - but I cannot really blame her. Papa had to run to work but as soon as he walked in the door a pot of coffee was put on - but that did not really ease the re-entry process. 

Who would not be Crabby about leaving the beach?
 So this pic was my request... Glad the first one came out well and I don't look massively pregnant - thank you shadows. Kind of bummed that you cannot see the "I'm a little Crabby" on my shirt but more glad that R's 'Crabby' is showing because she is the reigning Queen Crab - for the time being : )

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