Monday, September 16, 2013

Name that Team!

If you have been following this fantastic blog in particular for E's interests/activities then you have likely picked up on the fact that she claims she wants to do soccer in the fall and not ballet. Part of my would really like to see her do ballet because I think she would like it and who does not want to see a 3 yr old twirling around in a tutu? (My mom was never afforded that opportunity courtesy of Yours Truly so I really cannot lament the situation too much). The other part of me is thrilled because well I played soccer!

I solemnly promise I remain neutral (at least to her) on the matter. So every day I'll ask "Do you want to do soccer or ballet in the fall?"

The overwhelming response is soccer. "Why don't you want to do ballet?"

"I just want to play soccer"

So I finally signed her up for soccer on the last day of August. She asked if she can be on the Fireflies again with orange 'soccer jerseys'

I told her no that we would we a different team with a different color uniform. Following the insect theme (I know spiders aren't insects.. thanks : ) Here's what we/I have come up with for names and colors:

Bumblebees - Yellow
Grasshoppers - Green
Dragonflies - Blue
Crickets - Purple
Caterpillar - Green
Spiders - Red
Mosquitos - Pink (not really an option I just think its funny)

Oh and I promise to not be fully responsible for coaching this season... I will help/co-coach whatever but I'm not going to be the only coach out there. I am not having the best of luck convincing Lee to coach with me.

Oh and I wrote this post hmmm... about 2 weeks ago and then never posted it so the name and uniform has already been picked but you can totally guess what our name and color is or give a suggestion for the Spring season. I'll reveal it sometime soon. Don't cheat you people who already know : )

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