Thursday, September 5, 2013

Theme Thursday - Recess

Here we go with this fun and exciting link-up .

Because this looks like an insanely fantastic idea.

Lee and I were doing some fall cleaning/purging/organizing on Monday and after our whirlwind of a trip to DC I could not bear to have the girls cooped up inside all day so despite the gross humidity they were outside and this is what I walked into.

Where the idea came from? No idea.
Thought it was insanely cute? Yes.
Made sure E was going insanely slow and did not leave the garage? You bet.
Wondering if this is what they are up to at 3 and 18 months what is 7 and 5 going to bring? Not thinking about it : )


  1. They are really cute and clever. And you have a ton of coolers.

    1. Haha! I didn't even notice all the coolers! My husband uses them for our semi-annual church sausage and pierogi fundraiser. Last time he drove from OH to NC with 4 of the massive ones full of 300 dozen pierogi. It was kind of out of control...