Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes - A little bit of this and a little bit of that

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

Me - So when do you think you'll be home?
Lee - Around 5 so we'll have an evening of football and relaxation {big grin}
Me - Football?
Lee - And it starts early since its a doubleheader
Me - Football...
Lee - Yes chicky football

I really should not do as much complaining about football because I will actually watch it and can totally follow the games but I have to put up a little fight, right?

--- 2 ---

I fear our summer days of outside summer bliss are going to change to somewhat breezier, cool temps. Not that I am going to complain because seriously yesterday I was HOT HOT HOT all day long and I probably drank a gallon of water. So so so over this whole thing of being pregnant over the summer. Thank you NC humidity. 

--- 3 ---
R has been taking out her hair tie so much these days it drives me crazy but it is funny to watch her try and brush back her hair with both hairs once she has taken it out. But seriously, the taking out of hair ties is almost as annoying as the taking off of shoes AND socks in the car on the way to school.

My pigtails are not straight!!!! Fix them immediately!
Let's see her try and take out two!!!

--- 4 ---
We had a small, random lunch at the office with Nani this week. She made her Mexican tuna salad - which she let me bring home the leftovers - which lasted for all of 25 minutes. Tuna + tomato + cucumber + avocado + jalapeƱo + lemon juice + IDK what else = A-Mazing. R wanted to scoop her own which I did not like because I did not want stinky tuna juice all over my skirt. E settled for chips and an apple when we got home.

Yep. I have a great office crew. E conned some markers out of Kriss and did a drawing for Nani. Fortunately I was able to convince her not to use the permanent purple Sharpie and she willingly gave it to Nani for safe keeping. 

--- 5 ---
Here's some 3 yr old class art from the week. 


But in other 3 yr old class news... yesterday E LOST IT when I dropped her off. Seriously? Seriously? Glad I got that brain book to read. Every excuse in the book came out about why she did not want to go to class. She was nervous, she was hungry, she needed water. Well we talked last night and she said she did not want me to leave her. So thanks to the book I am trying to connect her emotional right side of the brain with the logical left side of the brain and explain that she does her school work at school and Mama does her work-work at work. Plus I/Papa/Jibbe will ALWAYS pick her up and her teachers have our phone numbers in case she really needs something and I am always really close by plus R is right down the hall. She did settle down before I left but still it is nerve racking plus its not like she is 2 and cannot articulate what is bothering her. Something is bothering her and maybe she cannot put her finger on it at the time of the right brain emotional breakdown but if I could find out what it was in the moment and not 8 hours later so we could talk through it - it would sure make me feel better!!!

Not sure where this is all coming from... Maybe with new baby coming soon? Maybe because we are have reno work done? Maybe just transitioning into a new school year? I don't know, I am really hoping today's drop off goes better. 

--- 6 ---
Papa's cross stitch is really coming along and I am trying not to get my unrealistic hopes up about actually finishing it before January 5.

--- 7 ---
On tap for the week...

E's second round of swim class - fingers crossed
Pig Pickin'
Michael's run to find dots - I have got a story for you about that I totally forgot about
1st round of soccer practice with 3 yr old and 34 week pregnant coach - Don't hate people
Packing up the house - {shutter}

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  1. I have so many unfinished cross stitch projects it's not even funny. They include Christmas stockings I started when pregnant with my older kids (ages 21 and 18). Fear not, the poor deprived things did just fine with store-bought stockings.

    1. : ) We have store bought stockings for everyone in case these projects never actually get finished : )

  2. That sounds like my husband with baseball. What time will you be home? 7 - Cards game starts at 7:15. At least football isn't every day!

    1. Football is not every day but between the Sunday, Monday and Thursday pro games plus the Thursday and Saturday college games plus the Friday night high school games - there is no shortage of football. Fortunately the season is not nearly as long as the baseball season!!!