Friday, September 6, 2013

7QTs - These are insanely random

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

Me - Have you read the blog today?
Lee - I haven't had a chance
Me - You'd rather watch football than read the blog?
Lee-  I'll read it in a minute Chicky... Don't be vicious

Who does not love football season? I have only been hearing about about 1.5 days after the Superbowl - which is in February for those of you who don't follow football. And there was a 33 minute delay in the game last night so Lee had PLENTY of time to catch up on all our happenings from the week.

--- 2 ---

Our new morning norm. 

I HAVE to get on the ball and leave the house EARLIER!!!

--- 3 ---
I read this article on CNN and here's the line that stuck with me... "Falling birth rates can be considered a challenge to future economic growth and the labor pool." 

Next time someone asks me about how many kids we are going to have I think I'll respond 'I am helping future economic growth and adding to the future labor pool' so the more the merrier folks. 

--- 4 ---
I did a fall clean on Labor Day and I washed a bunch shoes and put them in our shoe store upstairs.

Check these out... This is due to E's crazy non-pedaling on her cycle.

Don't think that these will survive round 2 with R but we'll see next fall/spring. 

--- 5 ---
Lesson learned from last week... NEVER schedule peds appt and ob appt with 24 hour of each other. I waited for OVER an hour at the ob on Friday - the day after the craziness at the peds office. Though I did feel legitimately unjustified since there was a very preggo woman wheeled in and then out in a wheelchair. 

--- 6 ---
Need to get back into the candle of the Month thing again. I am still on Pink Sands and it is totally not fall... I guess I've had baby brain and had 50 million other things to worry about but I could totally use a  good scent to ring in the cooler weather.

--- 7 ---
E's on a non-sharing kick...
R's on a hitting and throwing food off the highchair kick...

Hopefully we can get this kinks ironed out sooner rather than later.

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  1. Totally using that response next time we get asked about the kids! Who can argue with me keeping their Social Security benefits safe by having more kids to add to the workforce?