Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Five Favs - Realizations over the past week

1. Reno project - 3 week timeline?!?!?!

So this was a shock/bummer. I'm glad the builder is being straight up with us about when we can live back in our house again but 3 weeks out from the start date is a mere 15 days from baby #3's d-day. Why did we not do this a month ago? Oh yeah, we love taking on big projects/life changing events before new babies come - though I think E got totally shorted because I really don't remember anything major about have arrival. As my sister-in-law says is a 1st world problem to have and I really should not be complaining at all so I suppose I'll stop.

2. E waking up to go potty : ) 

This one kind of gives me a laugh because last night around 10:30 the girl wakes up crying. I could not really hear/understand her so I thought it was a bad dream but then she lays there crying and says... I really have to go potty! So we scurry to the potty and I think the massive amount of WATERmelon consumed during dinner must have been processed in overdrive. Welcome to the real world of waking up at night to go potty, kid. (Now watch her have an accident just because I posted that!)

3. Your pregnant wife will NEVER turn down chocolate

I still cannot hammer this into Lee's head and you'd think after three pregnancies he would have a secret stash of mini chocolate candy for me. Negativo. Its probably for the best because if I knew he had a stash I would probably go hunting for it. Still no chocolate to be found around here - though there is some chocolate + nut bars I have been eating for breakfast after I discovered them in the pantry this week. Other than that there is NONE to be found/consumed. 

4. R being a tape recorder

R will repeat just about ANYTHING you say to her - that is two or three words. Or she'll at least try to get that many audible syllables out. Yesterday she was walking back home from our walk and she was saying "No, no, no" (she's way good at that) and then I changed it up with a "No ma'am" and she got out "No, maaam" - it was super super super cute. Guess you kinda had to be there.

5. Bedroom Overhaul

So we'll be getting hardwoods in our bedroom and since all the furniture has to be out, why not paint? I kinda hated to put another project on Lee because well he'll be doing most of the all the work to get the house packed and unpacked and moved and unmoved for this renovation so painting our room would have been just another thing. But low and behold last night he said something about window coverings in our room which somehow does not seem crazy important to me at this point so painting it is.

We're likely going with the one on the left - Beach Glass - which I especially like with the blue and yellow for colors of our {one day} comforter and sheet set.

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