Friday, September 27, 2013

7QTs - I'm on Va-Cay people so you get what you get!

{Watch out these are pretty darn random}

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

{while changing a post nap stink}
Papa - Whew! R that is foul
R - Faul? Faul? {grin}
Papa - Yes R foul!

Following this there may have been a similar experience that did not involve a diaper but a bathtub... While E and I were at soccer practice :  )

--- 2 ---

Lee - Did you see the combine in the field from yesterday?
E - Yeah it was parked next to the bog-thing
Lee - What bog-thing?
E - You know the bog
Lee - What's the bog?
E - You know that tractor thing

Bog = tractor? 

--- 3 ---

{singing while coloring with chalk}
E - B-I-B-L-E spells astronaut
Me - E what does B-I-B-L-E spell
E - Astronaut!
Me - Okay

--- 4 ---

E - Papa we have a problem!
Me - What is it?
E - R put her hand in the potty again
Me - Oh yes that is a problem

Why is my kid think that swirling her hands in the potty is a good idea? I definitely don't remember E doing ANY-thing like that. 

And painting chalk on Mama's knee provides almost as big of a grin. Bring on the chalk!

--- 5 ---
E thrilled to push the stroller.

R not so thrilled about it. 

--- 6 ---

Hello vicious mosquitos.. E went to school the next day with legs that looked like they had chicken pox!!!

--- 7 ---
Maybe I'll get some beach pics from the real camera up and ready before this baby comes... First soccer game on Monday. Thank goodness because I don't think the kids / me would be able to survive another straight up practice - I have such an appreciation for preschool teachers and anyone who has to occupy the time of toddlers/preschoolers. Let's go Caterpillars!!!

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  1. Ugh the twins are always trying to stick their hands in the toilet too... If we make the mistake of leaving the bathroom door open, they crawl as fast as they possibly can and I ALWAYS find them trying to figure out how to open the toilet. And when the kids leave the door open while they're using it, they try their hardest to catch the pee mid-stream. Gross.

    1. Whoa man! I cannot imagine trying to patrol 2 trying to stick hands in the toilet!!!